AIFN books gather vital knowledge to keep our community at the forefront in the age of AI.

Upcoming Books

AIM Framework

The AIM Framework is used to organize each book into three foundational pillars of knowledge:

  1. Acquire: Gain foundational knowledge and critical skills
  2. Implement: Apply this knowledge in practical and innovative ways
  3. Master: Address the ethical, policy, and governance challenges of AI

The framework offers a versatile and structured approach suitable for various professional audiences, including engineers, marketers, executives, and beyond, seeking to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI from initial understanding through strategic application to advanced mastery.

Share Your Expertise

The creation of the AI Frontier Network books is a collaborative endeavor bringing together leading experts and thought leaders across all industries.

These volumes will underpin our courses and certifications, enriching the educational experiences we offer and amplifying the impact we have within the AI community.

We invite leading experts and thought leaders to help craft an authoritative and up-to-date collection of the information available to stay ahead in the age of AI.

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