European Fund for AI Safety and Research

The European Fund for AI Safety and Research (EUFAI) aims to position Europe as a leader in AI by developing ethically responsible, cutting-edge AI. Our mission is to lead AI research in Europe, focusing on data security and leveraging regional infrastructure through strategic investments in companies and initiatives promoting AI safety and research.

The market faces inefficiencies in developing ethical, secure AI solutions, particularly regarding GDPR compliance, unbiased models, and multilingual support. These challenges hinder AI adoption and risk Europe falling behind in the global AI landscape, compromising its digital sovereignty.

The fund addresses these issues by investing in European ventures and private equity in the AI sector. By focusing on secure, GDPR-compliant, unbiased AI with multilingual support, the fund aims to create significant value and growth, fostering an ecosystem of ethical AI innovations that strengthen Europe’s competitive edge and digital sovereignty.

Fund Details

  • Target AUM: €100 million
  • First Close Date: July 1st 2025
  • Fund Domicile: Europe, exact location TBD depending on strategic advantages
  • GPs Location: Europe
  • LPs Location: Europe and North America
  • Type of Assets: Both venture and private equity

Join Us

We are building a world-class team of general partners and advisors to drive the fund’s success.

General Partners

  • Money Raisers:
    • Drive fundraising efforts and engage with potential LPs.
  • Finance & Legal:
    • Ensure compliance, legal structuring, and financial integrity.
  • Expert Investors:
    • Identify, evaluate, and select high-potential deals.
    • Leverage industry experience and networks to source opportunities.


  • Tech Advisors:
    • Identify and leverage cutting-edge technologies.
    • Provide insights into technological trends and innovations.
  • Research Advisors:
    • Conduct in-depth market and sector analysis.
    • Provide data-driven insights to support investment decisions.
  • Finance Advisors:
    • Offer expertise in financial modeling, valuation, and structuring deals.
    • Ensure robust financial analysis and due diligence.

Join Our Investor Network

Limited Partners (LPs):

  • Provide capital commitments to the fund.
  • Collaborate with the fund on strategic initiatives and value creation.
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