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At Innovate 360, we recognize the pivotal role that seasoned professionals from diverse fields play in transformative advancements in AI. As a member of our Expert Group, you will collaborate with leaders from academia, business and industry, civil society, and policy-making to shape the next generation of AI-driven solutions.

Why Join the Expert Group?

Leverage your industry knowledge and thought leadership to influence cutting-edge solutions. Innovate 360 provides a platform for you to engage with other top-tier experts and innovators, contributing significantly to technologies that could redefine multiple industries.

Benefits of Joining the Expert Group:

  • Influence Technological Trends: Your expertise will guide the development of new technologies and strategies, impacting their evolution from concept to market readiness.
  • Collaborative Innovation: Work alongside a diverse network of professionals passionate about changing the business landscape through AI. Your insights will help refine initial hypotheses and drive the direction of product development.
  • Opportunities for Leadership Roles: As a member of the Expert Group, you’ll have unique opportunities to join emerging ventures as an advisor, co-founder, or partner, opening pathways to executive roles and steering new companies towards success.
  • Access to Early-Stage Innovations: Get an insider’s view of the latest innovations before they reach the market. As part of the foundational team, you may also have opportunities to invest or take equity stakes in new ventures.

How It Works:

  • Engagement with AI Frameworks: Interact directly with our AI Framework for Innovation (AIFN), providing feedback and refining technology hypotheses.
  • Expert Collaboration: Engage with other leaders and participate in strategy sessions that propel pilot projects from ideation through to market introduction.

Ideal Candidates:

We are seeking influential figures who represent academia, business and industry, civil society, or policymaking. Ideal candidates are those with a deep understanding of their sectors, proven thought leadership, and a commitment to innovation. If you’re looking for a dynamic role that impacts the future of technology across multiple sectors, the Innovate 360 Expert Group is the perfect place for you.

Ready to make a mark on the future of technology? Join the Innovate 360 Expert Group and turn groundbreaking ideas into reality.

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