Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – AI Digital Marketing Agency

Job Type: Co-Founder Partnership Revenue Share
Job Location: Berlin

About AIFN

Join an innovative and vibrant team at the forefront of the AI and tech industry revolution. With a strong foundation built on a network of over 1000 members, including entrepreneurs, tech leaders, and innovators, our community is dedicated to fostering connections and enriching knowledge through impactful events. We leverage our established brand, community and committed volunteers to engage with top-tier experts and thought leaders across the globe.

AI Digital Marketing Agency Overview

AI Frontier Network is preparing to launch AIFN Digital, a pioneering digital marketing agency positioned at the forefront of AI-driven marketing solutions. AIFN Digital leverages cutting-edge technologies and an expansive industry network to redefine how brands engage with their audiences. As a co-founder, you will play a crucial role in steering the agency towards achieving its vision of integrating AI technology with innovative marketing strategies, while gaining significant exposure through AIFN’s platforms.

Job Description

We are seeking a visionary Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with a robust background in both strategic marketing and operational excellence. You will be instrumental in shaping the agency’s marketing services, overseeing the execution of high-impact campaigns, and scaling our operations to meet growing client demands. This role is ideal for a leader who excels at crafting compelling marketing strategies and operationalizing these plans to achieve tangible results.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic Leadership: Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with our mission to harness AI technologies for client success.
  • Operational Management: Build and manage a dynamic team; oversee the agency’s day-to-day operations to ensure efficient delivery of services.
  • Partnership Development: Negotiate and secure advantageous partnerships with top marketing tool vendors, acquiring access to premium tools and technologies at special rates.
  • Brand and Content Strategy: Lead the creation of innovative content and branding strategies to establish AIFN Digital and our clients as leaders in their respective fields.
  • Growth and Scaling: Scale marketing strategies and operations to support the agency’s growth, while ensuring flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and market changes.
  • Client Relations and Thought Leadership: Position yourself and the agency as thought leaders through engagement with AIFN’s platform, speaking engagements, and high-visibility projects.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Proven experience as a CMO or in a similar leadership role within a marketing agency or tech-focused company.
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills, with a demonstrated ability to apply marketing insights and data analytics in a business context.
  • Experience in scaling operations within a marketing or related business environment.
  • Excellent negotiation and relationship management skills, with a history of securing partnerships and deals.
  • Ability to manage and inspire a team, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.
  • Strong communication and public speaking skills, capable of effectively promoting the agency’s and clients’ interests on large platforms.

Compensation Plan

Equity and Revenue Share: As a co-founder of AIFN Digital, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our agency. During the initial founding stage, we are seeking co-founders who are prepared to join on an equity basis, reflecting the commitment and belief in the potential of our venture. We offer a substantial equity stake and a revenue share model based on the sales you directly contribute to generating. This structure is designed to reward your direct impact and investment in our growth.

Initial Compensation Structure:

  • Equity Stake: As a testament to your foundational role, you will receive an equity stake in AIFN Digital. This stake is not just a share of profits but also a significant say in the strategic direction of the agency.
  • Revenue Share: In addition to equity, you will earn a percentage of the revenue from the sales you generate, incentivizing direct contributions to our agency’s success.

Part-time Engagement: Recognizing the diverse commitments and career stages of potential co-founders, we are open to part-time involvement. This flexibility allows you to contribute to AIFN Digital’s growth during the founding stage while maintaining other professional engagements.

Future Salary: Once AIFN Digital becomes profitable, co-founders/partners will be eligible for a salary, further aligning long-term personal and business success.

This compensation model is crafted to align with our commitment to building a robust and innovative agency, driven by dedicated and visionary leaders who are ready to shape the future of AI in digital marketing.

Benefits of Joining

  • Foundational Impact: Engage as a core member of the founding team, directly influencing the direction and success of a pioneering digital marketing agency.
  • Exposure and Networking: Gain significant exposure through involvement in AIFN’s platforms, events, and extensive professional network, enhancing your personal and professional brand.
  • Access to Cutting-edge Tools: Utilize the latest in AI-powered marketing tools and technologies, staying at the forefront of digital marketing innovations.
  • Equity Ownership: Your equity stake in AIFN Digital not only reflects your role as a co-founder but also ensures a vested interest in the financial and strategic success of the agency.
  • Performance Incentives: Beyond equity and revenue share, additional bonuses and performance incentives are structured to reward exceptional contributions and achievements.

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