AIFN Venture Studio

We are pioneering a remote-first venture studio dedicated to building startups that harness the power of human creativity and artificial intelligence to create scalable, impactful solutions.

We are activating a growing network of leading CEOs, investors, and operators in AI and business to systematically build, launch, scale, and exit startups across themes including AI, B2B SaaS, Healthcare, Education, Energy, Manufacturing and Defense.

Our approach combines adaptability, speed, and a strong focus on building expert networks to drive global success, with a commitment to innovation, ambitious goals, agility, creativity, and excellence.

Join Us

Become a Co-founder of the HQ Company: Take on a leadership role in business development, marketing, or operations, and help drive the growth and strategic direction of AIFN Venture Studio.

Founders & Entrepreneurs: Innovators and entrepreneurs can apply to join our studio, gaining early access to resources, mentorship, and funding to launch their ventures.

Become an Advisor: Provide strategic guidance and industry insights to shape the direction of our ventures and gain access to cutting-edge AI startups.

Join as a Domain Expert: Mentor startups in specific domains such as AI development, business strategy, and product design, contributing your expertise to innovative projects.

Investors: Partner with us to fund groundbreaking AI startups and be part of a thriving ecosystem that offers high potential for growth and impact.

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