AI Frontier Network (AIFN) Embarks on Uniting Leaders to Pioneer the AI Era

San Francisco, 4 March 2024 – AI Frontier Network (AIFN), a pioneering alliance of forward-thinking individuals and leaders across various sectors, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its founding stage. This milestone marks a significant step forward in our mission to stay at the forefront of the AI revolution, fostering innovation, growth, and collaboration within our community.

Empowering Innovation and Growth

At the heart of AIFN are our core values: community, collaboration, growth, and innovation. These principles guide our actions and decisions, ensuring that we consistently work towards a future where AI enhances every aspect of life. By creating immersive events, curating insightful content, and fostering collaborative opportunities, we aim to set the stage for innovation and growth while empowering our community members to take an active role in shaping these initiatives.

“Amidst the accelerating pace of change, we’re incredibly excited to craft a space where bright minds can thrive, collaborate, and lead the way into a future where human creativity and AI unlock endless opportunities.” said Martin Russo, Founding Member of AIFN.

Join AIFN and Stay Informed

The official AIFN website is now live at, serving as the central hub for all AIFN activities, including event information, membership details, and access to our exclusive content. We invite new members to join AIFN and stay informed by subscribing to the Innovator Edge newsletter for the latest insights and updates. Additionally, members can follow us on LinkedIn to connect with fellow innovators and stay abreast of upcoming events and opportunities.

Introducing the First Ambassador Team

We are proud to announce the formation of our first ambassador team, comprising tech and business leaders, including CEOs and thought leaders with a global reach of over 100,000. This diverse group of visionaries will play a pivotal role in guiding AIFN’s strategy and enhancing our global impact.

About AI Frontier Network (AIFN)

AI Frontier Network (AIFN) is a synergistic alliance of people dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the age of AI. Our members include thinkers formulating groundbreaking ideas, entrepreneurs turning visionary ideas into cutting-edge products and services, researchers conducting pivotal studies, corporate leaders shaping industry trends, professionals applying expert knowledge, and thought leaders sharing forward-thinking insights. Despite their diverse roles, all AIFN members are united in their commitment to actively shaping the AI revolution.

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Flor Laorga
Founding Member
AI Frontier Network (AIFN)

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